Step One

Start the game at the half line. The ball is placed in the midfield circle here with a player passing the ball to a teammate with a back-pass. This is also how the ball is put into play after a goal has been scored and how the second half of the game is started. The player that passes the ball into play cannot control the ball again until another player has handled it.

Step Two

Put the ball into play with a pass when the ball goes out of the bounds of the field. If the ball passes over the endline where the goal is located, it is put into play in two different ways: on the corner of the field when hit out by the defense or from the sideline when hit out by the offense.

Step Three

Use the “bully” to put the ball into play when play has been stopped for injury or simultaneous penalties by each team. To do this, two players from opposing teams face each other, the ball between them. They simultaneously hit the ground and then hit stick faces above the ball. Do this three times and then try to be the first to hit the ball back into play.

Step Four

Try to score as many goals during the time allotted as possible. A goal is scored when an attacker puts the ball completely over the goal line from inside the striking circle.

Step Five

Keep in mind, that unlike other sports, there is no offside in field hockey.

Tips & Warnings

Mind that you don’t intentionally use your body, hands or feet to move the ball. Unless you are the goalie, it’s a penalty.

For more information on the history and rules of field hockey, check out this website.