2018 Teams and Coaches

Below are a list of divisions and coaches.  Due to the NUMEROUS amount of late sign-ups, I have not been able to list names with teams.  I apologize.  But, having to make changes becomes difficult after posting.  Please email me at taworl@aol.com with any questions or if you are in need of coach’s contact information.


Itty Bittys- Coach: Betsy Beamon  Helpers: Regan Worley, Josi John & Madie Baker

Youth- Coach:  Darcy Kilgore

Youth- Coach:  Cara Byrd

Junior- Team 1 Coach:  Faith Bibbo

Junior- Team 2 Coach: Sydney Beale

Junior – Team 3- Ashton Moore

Senior- Team 1 Coach:  Riley Greenwood

Senior Team 2  Coach: Lori White

Senior- Team 3 Coach:  Scotty Tyson

High School- LHS- Jamee & Alexis Albright

High School- NR- Ali Mowry & Cara Byrd

High School- OS/Mix- Scotty Tyson

High School- WB- Erica Rimasse